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Terms and Conditions

1. Gift Cards (Vouchers) CANNOT be redeemed online.
2. This is a Spencers Instant Gift Card (Voucher) and would be accepted at listed Spencers outlets. For outlet list, please click here
3. The person who has the Spencer Gift Card (Voucher) Code is deemed to be the beneficiary.
4. Do inform the cashier that you plan to use the Gift Cards (Vouchers) for making payments before billing.
5. Only the listed Spencer outlets at its sole discretion accept the Gift Cards (Vouchers).  Spencer may add or remove an outlet without giving any prior notice.
6. More than one Gift Card (Voucher) can be used in one bill.
7. This is a ONE time use Gift Card (Voucher).
8. No Credit note / Refund for the unused amount of the Gift Card (voucher) will be given.
9. Spencers Gift Cards (Vouchers) CANNOT be revalidated once expired.
10. Spencers Gift Cards (Vouchers) can be used during the sale.
11. Spencers Gift Cards (Vouchers) cannot be redeemed on the specific block out dates. Spencers may add or delete any data on its sole discretion. 
12. Any dispute related to the Gift Cards (Vouchers) should be referred to the issuing company and the decision of the issuing company shall be final.
13. Spencers makes full efforts to accept Instant Gift Cards (Vouchers), but on account of any technical/administrative reasons, an outlet may refuse to accept the same.
14. If an Instant Gift Cards (Vouchers) gets blocked on account of the technical issue, it would get enabled in 72 hours.
15. Gift vouchers validity cannot be extended once expired.
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Cashback Policy

The cashback will be credited to the account of the card owner or who is the sender of the shared card.

Cancellation Policy

Kindly note that purchased vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be canceled.

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